Craftsmanship Behind Our Artisan Rugs

Care and attention to detail are weaved into each of our handcrafted rugs, transforming each one into an artwork.

Our artisan rug craftsmen build on the cultural artistry of generations of rug weavers while working in collaboration with a team of well-regarded designers. A Magic of threads is created by their skill in transforming raw wool and silk into beautiful, crafted rugs.

The end product is a blend of quality, artistry, and contemporary elegance that is considerably more suited to your home or office than any ‘off-the-shelf machine-made rug options.

Making Your Home Delightful Should Be Easy, Simple, And Stress-Free

The floors are the mainstay of any design strategy when it comes to designing any space. Any space may be refreshed by using an area rug to effectively blend or unify diverse elements in the décor.

We consider each design as a one-of-a-kind job, working with you to stay within your spending plan and fulfil your time limits while installing the rugs of your dreams.


Why Choose Custom Rugs?

A rug can have multiple qualities in an area: it can be an exquisite expression of a theme, a minimalistic element to aesthetically soften a place, it can bring diverse components of a room closer, balancing trendy furniture, or it can be a stark pattern offering a burst of vibrant colour.

Custom rugs guarantee that you purchase the proper size, shape, and colour for binding together the layout and ambience you want to create in your home.

Personalised Shop-At-Home Rug Service

Your vision for your perfect rug will turn into a reality at Rug Residential. You can explore the several intricacies of technique and threads and a brilliant array of colours online from the comfort of your home.

Let Our Rugs Transform Your Space

If you’re not sure where to begin or if creativity isn’t your strong suit, our helpful and expert designers can gladly assist you. Simply let us know that you require assistance. Select rugs that perfectly match and amplify the aesthetics of your room.

Rug Shape & Size:

Deciding whether you want a square, round, or irregularly shaped rug is crucial. This is determined by the room’s layout, as well as the furniture placements and the empty area between them.

Do you require a rug with a unique or uncommon shape? We can also provide something absolutely unique if your room requires it.

When you order a bespoke area rug, you will have the exact length and breadth to match your room.

Colour Palette:

The rug’s colour is also crucial, as it can have a significant influence on the room’s appearance, different shades may help a space look wider or smaller, as well as the vitality and ambience within it.

With a bespoke rug, you may blend colours from across your room. To build greater visual harmony in your home, include colours from the interior decor, walls, or drapes.

Browse Our Showroom from the Comfort of Your Own Home

We can assist you in the comfort of your own home if you don’t have time to visit our showroom or need further design assistance and would want to examine products in your own house.

Simply fill in a few details, upload your room images, and email. We will provide you with the information after we get your request.

Digital Visualisation for the Perfect Rug Design

Get free digital visualisations of our rugs in your house. select the type of rugs you want to visualize in your space.

We will provide virtual images for you to preview how the rugs will look in your area before you buy them.

Choosing Your Bespoke Rug ─── How It Works

We recognise that choosing a rug is a journey – a personalised experience – that requires attention and is well worthwhile. Unhinge your creativity with our custom & bespoke service.

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Upload Photos of Your Space

Send us the photos of the room you want to makeover, precisely indicating where you want the rug to go using the given contact form. Mobile phone photos are accepted.

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Provide Measurements & Your Preferences

Send us relevant measures & layout of the space. Such as the width and length of the room, the sofa, and the coffee table.

Pick your preferred design, colour & size from our range of colour choices and personalise your rug to perfectly suits your room colour scheme.

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Email Us/Submit the Form

Send us the basic information and outline your unique personal rug expectations. Our designers will take care of the rest.

To assess your requirements, our team-mate will contact you soon to help you visualise and guide you to choose one which best matches your area.

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Design Consultation With Digital Visualisation & Quote

Our design experts will email you pictures of unique & best-suited rug options in your space based on your budget & preferences. The estimated rug’s quote will also include in the email.

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Rug Design Approval

You approve the final design from a selection of sample options provided by our in-house designers and place the order for your new rug.

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Rug Delivery

Our customer care team will coordinate with you to set up a suitable shipment date. We deliver the rug to your doorstep.

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